The Silent Age

My gaming habits are all over the place, I play a lot for days and for hours on end, and then I can go months without touching a game. And that includes mobile as I don’t really play on mobile. Switching to OS X especially interrupted my gaming streak. Not because there is nothing to play (actually about half of my Steam library is available), but because I had something else to tinker with in my spare time. It doesn’t help that the games I was playing at the time happened to not be available on Mac.

RIP first Sunless Sea captain

My first captain in Sunless Sea died rather unexpectedly. Worth noting that before starting this play through I had some 20 odd hours from before I wiped my drive and forgot that the game didn’t use cloud saves. So I wasn’t inexperienced in the game and managed to get quite a lot out of a first captain. It happened at an awful moment though, with a recently purchased merchant ship.