The Silent Age

My gaming habits are all over the place, I play a lot for days and for hours on end, and then I can go months without touching a game. And that includes mobile as I don’t really play on mobile. Switching to OS X especially interrupted my gaming streak. Not because there is nothing to play (actually about half of my Steam library is available), but because I had something else to tinker with in my spare time. It doesn’t help that the games I was playing at the time happened to not be available on Mac.

So it brings me some joy that I started and finished a game - The Silent Age. It’s a short story of a game, took four hours give or take, and it wasn’t hard to beat for a point and click adventure. It’s not a genre I’m very experienced in, but most puzzles were immediately obvious, and the few harder ones weren’t really that hard. It’s a short and sweet experience overall. The art style and decent writing carry the story well, although the plot itself is nothing new. Wrap-around time travel and a deadly virus is hardly a new concept. It has a slight twist at the end, but that is also the most obvious of twists. Recommended if you want a quick and nicely done game a la sci-fi TV show.