Up and running with Hackintosh

A couple of days ago I had somewhat crippled my Windows 8.1 install with overzealous attempts to reclaim wasted space on my SSD, so while everything was still more or less running properly, updates and uninstalls would fail. And since it was a copy I had from work and apparently our volume licensing didn’t have the quality assurance or something like that, it wasn’t very clear whether I’d be able to update to Windows 10. So I decided to give Hackintosh a try.

Unibeast failed a lot, so I bit the bullet and did what people were writing I should do, namely give Clover a try. That, coupled with rampagedev’s excellent compilation of files, got most of the stuff up and running, finally managing to get my Nvidia GTX 970 properly going as well. A few days later, I’ve installed mostly everything (actually had a lot of software for OS X from MacbookAir/Mac mini, so there wasn’t a whole lot to research and download/buy.)
My Hackintosh
Iffy things that need tinkering:
* Proper optical audio out. This should be the easiest one to fix, apparently all I need is some .kext somewhere. At the moment the audio out is working, but it’s only stereo.
* Messages. My S/N is rather generic and the volume of instruction to get this running was more than I wanted to bite off at the time. I will work on this when I go for a clean install.
* SSD drive. Clean install will go with this, and maybe I will go for a fusion drive setup. I still have some oldish 500GB disks connected that will do for this, and in any case it seems better to wait for El Capitan to appear and get ready for Hackintosh.
* 1600/1333 MHz memory. I have four memory sticks that are supposed to be 1600 MHz but half of them show up as 1333. There are reports of that around, seems to be something to do with voltage, and was likely the same under Windows, only I never noticed. Will have to explore and fix.

Mostly none of the above bug me too much right now. The only two programs I miss are Zoom Player, which I have used for over ten years, is powerful and I know quite well. I had to go to VLC Player, and that isn’t something I’m too fond of. Directory Opus is my preferred file browser under Windows and the closest on a mac is PathFinder, which while above Finder, isn’t that much of a worthy replacement. Still, I will manage with scripts and the like, this being Unix-based.