An up spike in the quality of my tea life

I can finally make some tea and not dread the moment I need another cup!

So, I really like tea, more than coffee, and certainly more than instant coffee. However, lately I’ve been drinking way more instant coffee, and worse yet, Diet Coke. The only reason being that making just one cup of tea is somewhat annoying, and making the next one is more so. The tea leaves infuser is too small, and that sucks both for getting the leaves into it and getting them out when they are all soaked and sticking to the walls. I’d much rather use my large infuser and make a liter of tea. Only problem is it starts getting lukewarm sometime before I finish drinking my first cup.

Today I got my solution, a thermal jug.

What a nice inbox thermal jug!

Wonder why I never even thought of this before, probably because nobody in my family drinks industrial quantities of hot beverages. I do have to make the tea in a regular teapot, but once that’s done, I have a couple of hours worth of tea. I already drank my first liter today, so next week I’m going to restock on various teas and not restock on instant coffee.